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4 signs that your partner is thinking about filing for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2024 | Divorce

Is your gut feeling hinting that your spouse has one foot out the door in your marriage? For many spouses, this realization usually comes on slowly but surely until such a point that it’s no longer subtle. Maybe your kids have noticed the tension between you and your partner, or friends and family have raised concerns.

Regardless of what brought your attention to your relationship’s current situation, your concern can help you to prepare for what might happen. To start, you’ll want to identify the signs that something may be amiss so that you can act on something tangible rather than a feeling you cannot back up with evidence. The following, for example, are common signs that a relationship is deteriorating. While this list is not exhaustive, it’s a good initial frame of reference.

Communication breakdown

In any relationship, effective communication is the bedrock; when communication starts to erode, it can signal trouble. Pay attention if your partner becomes distant, avoids discussions or seems uninterested in your conversations. This breakdown may indicate deeper emotional struggles.

Emotional distance

Emotional intimacy is equally crucial for a thriving relationship. It may be a red flag if your partner becomes emotionally distant, showing disinterest in your life events or ceasing to share their own. Emotional detachment may often precede a more significant rift. Look for subtle cues such as lack of eye contact, decreased physical affection or a general withdrawal from shared activities. Identifying these signs early can prompt open discussions and potentially prevent a further emotional chasm.

Changes in behavior

People change, but drastic behavioral shifts may warrant attention. Keep an eye out for sudden alterations in routine, lifestyle choices or social interactions. Such changes may indicate personal struggles that can lead to marital discord. For instance, if your partner becomes unusually secretive about their activities or possessions, it could signify a breach of trust. Heightened irritability or frequent arguments over trivial matters may also indicate underlying dissatisfaction.

Lack of shared future plans

Partners who envision a future together often discuss plans and goals. If your partner avoids conversations about the future or becomes evasive when discussing long-term plans, it may suggest a divergence in future aspirations.

Recognizing the signs of an impending divorce and preparing for it can help you to safeguard your interests as your needs change. Consulting a legal team and putting your affairs in order can allow you to set yourself up for a less stressful separation, should one occur.