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Veronica Gardez

Veronica Gardez

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Veronica Gardez serves as the firm administrator and assists with business development and marketing. Her unique and grounded perspective arises from impressive range of experience inside and outside of the legal field. Veronica’s background includes criminal justice, small business entrepreneurship, and licensure as real estate agent.

Navigating the challenges of a busy household equips Veronica with patience and practicality, bringing balance to the team. Veronica completes much of the “behind the scenes” work to ensure the firm runs smoothly, from packing the court bag with water and snacks to scheduling meetings and resetting passwords. Veronica keeps the lawyers focused during every team meeting; without her, they would surely lose themselves in theoretical discussions of the law.

Veronica has faced many of the same challenges and triumphs as our clients. Veronica married in California, prior to the Obergefell Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. She has personal experience with surrogacy, working with a donor, foster care, and adoption—all of which have contributed to the formation of her family of five. Veronica seeks to positively impact not only families like hers, but also the greater community.