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5 ways to help your children after your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Family Law

Parents who are going through a divorce have to deal with things like property division, but they also must ensure their children have what they need throughout the process. Because children thrive on consistency, learning how to adjust to their parent’s divorce can be rather challenging.

One of the most important things that parents can do is to make decisions based on what’s best for the children. This might not always be easy, but it can help to reduce the stress on the children.

Normalize having emotions

Children are usually still learning how to process emotions, so they may not be particularly sure about how to handle what they feel during the divorce. Discussing emotions with them in an age-appropriate manner may help to normalize those emotions. This can also help you to teach them suitable methods for coping with them.

Communicate respectfully with your ex

All communication with your ex should be respectful, especially if the children are around. Kids often internalize things their parents say to each other. Avoiding badmouthing your ex and keeping conversations focused on what the children need is critical.

Allow the children to just be children

Your children shouldn’t be a sounding board about what’s going on in your divorce. They should be free to just be children and do the things kids their age do. This may include going to school and participating in their favorite extracurricular activities.

Encourage meaningful relationships

Children should be encouraged to continue and build meaningful relationships, including those with their other parent and that side of their family. Celebrating the good memories they share with you and helping them work through the challenges they have while they’re with their other parent may be beneficial to them.

Set terms in writing

A parenting plan is the basis how a co-parenting relationship will work. Taking the time to ensure the terms are in the children’s best interests is critical. Working with a legal representative who can help to get all important points covered may take some stress off you as you get this agreement set up.